How Much Does It Cost to Hire PHP Developer?

HP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a dynamic server-side scripting programming language. Companies and startups hire PHP developers to create Static websites and Dynamic websites or web applications. The programmers can interpret the PHP scripts only on the servers with PHP installed. On the client-side, you only need a web browser to access the scripts.

What Is the Demand for PHP Developers?

According to the data from GitHub, in 2019 this language remains in the TOP-10 programming languages, holding the 7th position in the rank. According to another survey, provided by W3techs, about 79% of all the websites were created with the known server-side programming language on the Internet. So, if your business needs a professional website or other software then you should think about how to hire PHP developer.

Website creators use different versions of PHP:

  • 59.1% – Version 5
  • 40.4% – Version 7
  • 0.5% – Version 4
  • 0.1% – Version 3

In 2020 this programming language is still popular, and it will keep the position because too many web pages need it to function. So, if you want to launch a website, hire a PHP developer without hesitation.

The largest websites on the internet you are visiting every day are powered by PHP: Facebook©, Joomla©, WordPress©, Wikipedia© and other web-giants. Websites written in PHP, get more support on the development stacks like LAMP, MAMPP, WAMPP, XAMPP, and MEAN. If you want to see some extra features in ordinary PHP development, choose Laravel developer or a coder who is familiar with other frameworks.

Frameworks provide comfortable platforms to simplify the development process. They are used to save time and lower the workload in case you have to code the website from scratch. If you want to improve your time to market and save some budget, hire PHP developer who knows the right framework.

Hire PHP Developer Who Uses Top Frameworks

PHP frameworks help to create responsive cross-platform products, which allow operations across various databases without the complicated SOL codes. All the frameworks are already for several years in use, so all the possible bugs are discovered and fixed. It ensures stable work. Among the top PHP frameworks there are:

  • Laravel

One of the most popular open-source platforms has been introduced in 2011. It simplifies common tasks like caching, authentication, routing, and others. The application can be customized according to the client’s needs. Hire a PHP developer with Laravel skills, if you need a speedy and highly secure web application.

  • Symfony

One of the first frameworks, launched in 2005. It is popular because of the flexibility and ability to integrate it with the projects using Drupal. The platform has a module system and reusable components and enables using different software building blocks, such as forms and translation management. In addition, it required a small memory space.

  • Codelighter

First introduced in 2006, it is called one of the best PHP frameworks in 2019. It makes the development process simpler and faster thanks to the prebuilt modules and a simple set of libraries. Hire PHP developer with knowledge of Codelighter, if you need high speed – some coders call this framework the fastest among available. Moreover, it functions for 13 years already, which means it is stable and has no bugs. An illustrated database makes it user-friendly.

Hire PHP Developer: Ukraine or Other Country?

Choosing the programmers for the project, startups and companies pay attention not only to the skills and quality of the candidates but also to the price. A price especially matters when you need to hire top PHP programmer such as a senior PHP programmer. If you need a single specialist for one month, there is no problem in hiring a more expensive programmer. But when you need to hire PHP developers, who will develop the product from scratch, maintain and support it – a more cost-effective option can save your business.

Check the specialists’ salaries in different countries, to find the optimal variant for your company:

  • The US. In the United States, the average PHP developer earns $63,493 in a year. The hourly rate is about $24.71.
  • Germany. A PHP developer in Germany earns €46,131 in a year, which is about $50,651. The hourly rate is €17.5, which is about $19.21.
  • Switzerland. In Switzerland, PHP programmer earns CHF 85,000 in a year, which is about $85,408. The hourly rate is CHF 35.00, which is about $35.17.
  • Ukraine. In Ukraine, the average PHP developer earns $21,000 in a year. What about an hourly rate of PHP developer Ukraine is also not too expensive – $19.65.

Choosing a place to hire dedicated PHP developer, start with the comparison of the prices and rates different countries and outsourcing companies are offering. But remember, that rates depend on many factors: number of team members, expertise, technology stack, skillset, management inside the team.

Where to Hire PHP Developers for Your Project?

The recruiting process can be really challenging for a young team or a startup. If you’ve already gathered the information about whom to hire, check some ideas about where to hire:

  1. Freelance websites – here you will find numerous specialists with different skills and experience. There could be some difficulties and risks when you hire PHP coder as a freelancer, but it is a popular option for small companies if you have some small work to do.
  2. Outsourcing companies – if you need to hire PHP developer in Ukraine or another country you may contact outsourcing service providers that usually offer readymade decisions for companies and startups. They have completed teams of PHP developers for hire for different technologies. The downside of such cooperation is the possibility, that the company is working on parallel projects and may pay not enough attention to you.
  3. IT outstaffing companies – these companies use a model of work that suppose the creation of a special team, according to your requirements. The team will work only with your project and integrate itself into your company as a virtual department. So, when you hire dedicated PHP developer you can be sure that this coder will pay full attention only to your project.

You can search for specialists for your project by yourself. It is a difficult and time-consuming task, but if you are sure about the technologies and skills you need – it is a possibility to save the budget and hire PHP coders from abroad. If you hire certified PHP developers team with the help of a foreign IT company, the managed team of IT service provider will save your time and money.

How to choose the best option? According to your needs and requirements. Big and middle-companies can hire managed dedicated PHP team for the long-lasting project. Medium and small enterprises usually cooperate with software outsourcing companies. For small businesses and startups, it is reasonable to find a freelancer.

Find Your Best PHP Developers in Ukraine

Big companies and startups from Europe and the US choose to hire PHP developers in Ukraine. Outsourcing to this country offers benefits in software development:

  • High quality of services. Ukrainian developers have high skills and a lot of experience in solving IT challenges. When you are looking for a motivated and experienced PHP developer Ukraine can offer a good fit.
  • Efficient management. Team leaders organize quick and effective teamwork.
  • Easy communication. IT specialists are fluent in English, so they can easily communicate with the customers.
  • Competitive price. The price of IT services in Ukraine remains one of the lowest in Europe.

So, if you would like to hire PHP developer Ukraine is an option with many possibilities.

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If you need to hire PHP coder as a part of a managed team of developers – write to us and we will complete the crew according to your needs.

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