IT Nearshoring Belarus: How to Hire Dedicated Developers in Belarus?

The Republic of Belarus is located in Eastern Europe and has a population of about 9.5 million citizens. Its capital Minsk is the 11th city in Europe by size. It is an economical and educational center of the country. As a destination for IT nearshoring Belarus is popular in European, American and Asian countries. During the last 10 years, the IT-sphere has developed a significant growth in the workforce, the export of the products and services, revenues and other indicators. For Belarus software outsourcing is one of the significant sources of income for the state.

The software development in Belarus is the second largest contributor to the total of the exported services with a part of 3.25%. And the government encourages the IT industry with a special regime for the companies. Hi-Tech Park works throughout the country. It is aimed at the resident IT companies. They don’t have to pay most of the taxes, including income and value-added taxes. Thanks to this project, Belarus managed to build a strong export-oriented IT sector in a short time.

IT Nearshoring Belarus: Which Outsourcing Services Can You Get in This Country

According to the survey of the IT industry in Belarus, 69% of the questioned IT specialists have outsourcing as a prevailing business line. IT services outsourcing is becoming more complex and mature.

In outsourcing and nearshoring Weißrussland has such top specializations:

  1. The development of customized technology solutions
  2. The development of customized products
  3. The development and support of the products for the internal needs
  4. The development and support of the proprietary products for enterprises
  5. Customized industry solutions

The IT companies, which participate in the Hi-Tech Park program, expect to improve their performance, revenues and average salaries by 25-50% by 2020. And the industry is already showing significant growth over the last 8 years. In this period the number of employees has doubled, and the special regime HTP helper Belarusian companies to attract foreign clients.

IT nearshoring Moldau, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have many similarities, but it develops in different ways. For example, in Ukraine, software developers mainly work at software engineering, testing and test automation, and application support.

ukrainian development top specialties

IT Salaries in Belarus vs Ukraine: How Much Does Nearshoring Weißrussland Cost?

The costs for IT nearshoring in Belarus can differ depending on the salary of the specialist you need. Here are the average salaries of IT professionals:

  • Web developer – $35,000 in a year
  • iOS developer – $30,990 in a year
  • Android developer – $25,000 in a year
  • PHP developer – $17,450 in a year
  • JavaScript developer – $25,000 in a year

If you want to understand, how profitable it is for you to hire the specialists from nearshore development center in Belarus, let’s compare the Belarusian and Ukrainian salaries in a year in the IT-sphere:

Web developer$35,000$26,200
iOS developer$30,990$24,403
Android developer$25,000$24,000
PHP developer$17,450$17,000
JavaScript developer$25,000$27,000
annual cost of it nearshoring in belarus vs ukraine

The quality of the services in both countries is on a high level, but if you need the programmers for a long-lasting project, a cost-effective option is an important part of your success. You can hire software developers in Ukraine, save some budget and get a successful project.

Quantity and Quality of the Specialists for IT Nearshoring Weißrussland

It is quite easy to find a programmer for your project in Belarus. According to the IT Industry Survey, in 2017 there were 115,000 of the specialists, employed in the IT sector. At the same time in Ukraine, you can find more than 126,000 of IT professionals. You can find the programmers for any project: mobile and PC applications, websites, software for business, big data processing, machine learning, and automation. In Belarus, nearshoring Minsk is the central city, while in Ukraine IT clusters are located in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odessa, and Kharkiv.

Belarus is a popular nearshoring destination for European countries and America: in 2016 export value for Europe have been $403.28 million, and for North America – $358.84 million. In addition to the development companies, in Belarus you can find many commercial data centers, offering hosting, VPS, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and colocation services. Since 2006 Belarusian IT companies appear in the international ranks Global Outsourcing 100 and Software 500. In 2015 they have received $11,344.2 million of foreign investments from the UK, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Germany, China, and other countries. The biggest achievements of the Belarusian programmers are often mentioned in The Wall Street Journal and Emerging Europe.

In comparison to IT nearshoring Belarus, Ukrainian IT sector is booming. Over the last 10 years, it has grown by 540%. The foreign clients choose from 12,634 companies, half of which is located in Kyiv. The IT export value in the first half of 2018 has reached $744 million. Such IT giants as GlobalLogic©, Microsoft©, DataArt©, Ubisoft©, and others have their offices in Ukraine.

Ukraine as an Effective and Cost-Saving Alternative for Nearshoring

If you are choosing a country for nearshoring in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is one of the most popular options. Companies from Europe, America, and Asia choose Ukrainian programmers for their projects. And Mobilunity is a team of the professionals, located in the heart of Ukraine – Kyiv. In comparison to nearshoring Weißrussland, Ukrainian IT companies are more cost-effective, but they offer services and products of the highest quality.

If you want to relocate programmers, working at the project, to your office, Mobilunity will help you to complete the crew. We also offer the services of the experienced project managers, who will lead the team from the idea to success.

If You Want to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine – Mobilunity Is Already Here for You!

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