IT Recruitment in the Current Market

The IT recruiting process is evolving and has become more integral in the productivity and effectiveness of business processes. Traditionally, there is in-house recruitment, but a more innovative and globalized approach is by partnering with an outsourcing IT recruitment agency. IT technology recruitment has now evolved into incorporating tools such as AI, social media platforms, data mining, Build Operate Transfer Model, and real-time analytics to enhance and expand the process all to acquire optimal recruits. The most challenging step for a business is determining how to hire the best developers for your business.

In-house IT Recruitment

In-house hiring is where businesses take on the task of strategizing, implementing, and managing IT technology recruitment, such as developer recruiting. This undertaking is where they develop the recruitment strategy, put up job openings, screening potential hires, recruiting the IT team, and managing these staff. 

In-house recruitment has its own advantages.

  • Full involvement in the screening, recruiting & hiring of developers. 
  • 100% control over recruitment criteria, metrics, and strategy.
  • In-depth understanding of recruitment and skills requirements. 

However, in certain cases, this approach may be disadvantageous to the business.

  • Difficulty in adjusting organizational scale down.
  • Requires more resources (time&costs) to accomplish and maintain.
  • Limited recruitment pool.

Outsourcing IT Recruitment

Working with an IT outsourcing service company will require you to research and reach out to overseas IT recruitment service. Outsourced IT recruitment means that a company delegates the process of searching and hiring software developers to an external IT recruitment outsourcing provider that specializes in this activity. This company will work with you in outlining your recruitment needs and criteria. IT recruitment outsourcing service providers are specialized in implementing the best way on how to hire the best developers for your IT recruitment needs.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT Recruitment

An outsourcing IT recruitment agency is in great demand for their specialization, global reach, and quality recruitment services. And just like any service, software development outsourcing in the recruiting niche has its own pros and cons.

Pros: Why you should outsource IT recruitment

Reduced Overall Operational Costs – Partnering with an active IT recruitment company allows you to streamline the recruitment for your business and its required resources. An IT technology recruitment company will oversee the management of the recruitment – from strategizing, searching, screening, hiring, and management. These service providers can provide such services at a lower cost compared to if you were doing it alone.

Improved Recruitment Effectiveness – Recruitment can be stressful and demanding for business. Partnering with an IT recruitment company enables you to pass the process of hiring developers to professionals. As the IT recruitment provider is more experienced in recruiting & hiring developers, he can make this process more effective and profitable for the business. This partnership makes the recruitment and staff management work more efficiently and produces better results.

Increased Focus on Core Business – Recruitment takes resources, manpower, and effort from the overall workforce. Their capacity to serve in other roles, such as payroll, management, compliance, and staff engagement is reduced and affected. Outsourcing recruitment to an active IT recruitment agency decreases the pressure on your business. You can allocate more resources and workforce to core functions and processes and allow employees to work on other relevant tasks. 

Improved Competitive Advantage – An external IT recruiting agency or IT recruitment service provider know how to recruit and test programmers and employs tools, methods, and dedicated resources. With these tools and dedicated resources, these companies can address and adjust to evolving recruiting methodologies and fluctuating growth of industries. They are also great partners for businesses, from startups to established companies, scaling services according to the needs and capacity of their clients.   

Better Workforce Scalability – Partnering with outsourced recruiting IT services enables you to scale your hiring process and decreases the impact on your overall operations and infrastructure. The IT recruitment agency works with you in identifying the scale of recruitment you will need for your business needs. They then streamline the process, handling the hiring and management of your staff for you. The service will continue to collaborate and scale your staffing needs as you grow and expand your business. 

Cons: Why you shouldn’t outsource IT recruiting

Potential Communication Challenges – As an IT outsourcing agency isn’t a part of your company communication on a big distance may become an issue. Especially if an IT recruiting agency is situated far abroad, for example, in India or China. However, it is up to the IT recruitment agency to manage and communicate with the team, and ensure that it does not negatively impact the effectiveness of the recruited team.

Lengthy Learning Curve – It may take time for these services to fully understand the goals and objectives of their client, especially for non-tech companies. Business needs to identify their recruitment goals to reduce this learning curve. Clear recruitment criteria, metrics, and profiles help focus the search and processes for the IT recruitment agency. Businesses may not have the time and resources to commit to such a partnership. 

Reduced Oversight – Employing an outsource IT recruitment agency for developer recruiting and managing IT staff requires clients to give up some level of control over the process. An outsourcing IT recruitment company handles the process from hiring to the management of the staff. Still, the client can retain a certain level of oversight of the team, their performance, and their deliverables in this collaboration.   

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IT Recruitment: In-house vs Outsourcing

So what makes outsourced hiring software developers better or worse than in-house recruitment and management?

In-house IT RecruitingOutsourced IT Recruiting
ScalabilityBuilding in-house teams are helpful when expanding businesses.Can be detrimental when scaling down.  An IT recruitment agency is able to scale the hiring to accommodate the growth or scale-down of a company.  
Quality of WorkKnows the ins and outs of the companyUnderstands the need for recruiting developers Capacity to have multiple roles and responsibilitiesProvides professional services using advanced techniques in the hiring of developersProvides guidelines for effective team planning, branding, and capacity building
Cost SavingsCan be costly and will require more resources to accomplishReduces operational and recruitment costsIT recruitment companies cover hiring and management while working around the recruitment budget.
Level of Management ControlMore control over the entire recruitment and staff management process and tasks.Staff recruitment and management is a collaborative effort, but the IT recruitment agency has majority oversight of the hiring & recruitment of developers.
Skills and ExpertiseIn-house recruiting teams are experts in their field but can have weaker skills and expertise in hiring developers that can be beneficial to the business.Know how to recruit and test programmers and utilize modern tools and methods in screening and recruiting developers. 

With globalization and the advances in technology, businesses will be able to gain more from partnering with outsourcing IT recruitment companies. Businesses will be able to save more resources, streamline IT recruitment processes, and  gain the skills and experience of a global IT team. 

How to Recruit and Hire Best Software Developers in Ukraine

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We only need three stages to create a dream team for you:

  • Stage 1. Recruiting. We screen and select skilled and experienced Ukrainian developers.
  • Stage 2. Onboarding. We help to create an effective and productive working environment.
  • Stage 3. Ongoing work. Retention and motivation are also our focus. We always ensure all goals are met.

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