How to Build a Full Stack Development Team in Ukraine

The role of the fullstack developer has never been more important. Countries at the forefront of the developer revolution, such as Ukraine, are churning out thousands of new developers each year. A role that has risen to prominence in the developing world is that of a full-stack developer. In this post, we show you how you can build a full stack development team.

In addition, we show you how you can build such a team in Ukraine and take all advantages from high quality and affordable full stack development costs. Ukraine has some of the best local conditions for the development of software. When you recruit full stack development teams in Ukraine, you can quickly go from zero to hero with outstanding software implementations.

Demand Grows for Full Stack Development Team Capabilities

Full stack developers are in very high demand at the moment. According to Tech Republic, full stack developers are one of the top 10 occupations in terms of demand. The role of full stack developer is growing at a fast pace. The same report notes that software developer jobs, including full stack developers, will grow 17% in the U.S. between 2014 and 2024. According to the report, this is higher than the average for all occupations. Other developer roles in high demand include:

  • mobile developers
  • frontend developers
  • data science developers

The reason why fullstack developers are in such high demand has to do with the rapidly evolving nature of technology. The need for custom application development has rarely been this high in the global economy. Full stack developers are uniquely poised to contribute immense value to any business. Let’s break down the Full Stack Developer role to understand exactly why.

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Who Is a Full Stack Developer?

At the core of a full stack developer lies a collection of software development skills that can be split into two categories. These broad categories are:

  • front end skills – e.g HTML, CSS, SASS
  • back end skills – e.g MongoDB, SQL, Ruby, if a full stack Ruby developer, or Java, and other full stack Java developer skills

Front end skills have to do with the development of user interfaces for software. With web software, this typically requires the knowledge of:

  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheets are responsible for styling web applications. They may also be used in other UI development where weblike technologies are used.
  • HTML – Hypertext Markup Language is one of the essential building blocks of web pages. HTML defines the structure and content of websites.
  • JavaScript – This is the language that makes it possible to have highly interactive web applications. It takes static websites and turns them into richer, more useful applications that can process data.

And a full stack backend developer takes care of the correct work with the server, databases etc.

Senior Full Stack Developer Skills vs Backend Developer

In addition to front-end skills, a full stack developer also needs a plethora of backend skills. Backend developers need to know how application servers work and to develop them from scratch.

Backend skills encompass the following core technologies:

  • Backend programming language – These are languages such as Python, Perl, Java, C++, Rust, Haskell, and many others. These general-purpose programming languages are used to create the application logic that processes data and other activities. Full stack engineer will use these languages as well. A full stack javascript developer will need Javascript knowledge. A full stack PHP developer, likewise, needs to know PHP well.
  • Databases – Databases such as MongoDB and MySQL are used with applications to store potentially large amounts of data. Data is an essential part of apps that require customization based on the user’s actions over time. To store all this data, a database is used.
  • SQL or NoSQL – Two broad categories of databases in use today are SQL databases as well as NoSQL databases. SQL databases are more traditional and work well with relational data. NoSQL databases, in contrast, are newer and more cutting edge. They work especially well with applications that need to retrieve data very fast and handle large scale deployments.

While backend and full stack engineers will both know these essential topics, full stack developers have more responsibilities. In particular, senior full stack developers may possess much higher levels of knowledge than a typical backend developer.

The role of a full stack engineer encompasses both the responsibilities of a back end developer as well as front end skills. It is a unique role that is cross-functional and requires a highly skilled developer to execute it properly. In addition to these important development skills, a fullstack developer will need to know some more essentials. These include source control, automated software testing, and specific methodologies such as Agile Development.

How Mean Stack Differs From Fullstack Developers?

The role of MEAN Stack developer is one of many specializations in the full stack development world. Whereas some full stack developers combine languages like Python or Perl with JavaScript for the web, MEAN Stack developers choose one language. This language is typically Javascript.

MEAN stack developer

JavaScript can be used both on the front end of an application as well as on the backend. Backend Javascript development is made possible with Node.js. This platform makes it feasible to create highly scalable application servers using Javascript. MEAN stands for:

  • MongoDB – This is the database choice, a NoSQL database that is queried with JavaScript instead of SQL
  • Express – An application framework for the web, built on Node.js
  • Angular – Front-end development framework developed by Google
  • Node.js – The highly scalable real-time Javascript runtime

Need MEAN stack developer? Mobilunity can provide you with a perfect developer according to your needs! Just contact us for more information

Fullstack Developer Salary: Ukraine vs DACH

In the chart, we compare how much does it cost to hire full stack developer in Ukraine vs Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, based on data by Payscale. While you can find full stack developer candidates all around the world, in some regions hiring costs are prohibitive.  

In DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) full stack developers are among the most costly. In Switzerland, for example, the cost to hire full stack developer teams is often very expensive. A full-stack developer here can earn up to 7,000 per month. In Austria and Germany these rates are €3,900/month and €4,300/month accordingly. Fortunately, Ukraine and Eastern Europe developers can help you access full stack development at a better cost. This is a key consideration to make as you go about assembling a team for full stack app development.

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5 Pros of Building a Remote Full Stack Developer Team in Ukraine

Amidst the tech boom of the last decade, many large companies have discovered the virtues of the remote full stack teams. Once seen as the preserve of only a few hip startups, remote teams have now proliferated. Even old companies like Intel, HP, and Microsoft, have turned to outsourcing teams working remotely.

Savvy companies have taken the formula further to source talent in Eastern Europe and Asia. Why develop with a completely local full stack team when the internet enables seamless remote collaboration? The result is that tech hubs in Eastern Europe and Asia are now powering some of the world’s best products. One country, in particular, stands out for its wealth of talent and developers: Ukraine.

1. Large Numbers of Software Developers, With About 200.000 Developers in Ukraine

A key advantage of developing in Ukraine is the sheer availability of qualified full stack developers. While in some countries, developers are hard to come by, in Ukraine, there are many professionals in the IT field. Ukraine is estimated to have over 200.000 developers in the country. The figure is expected to grow to as much as double that amount in the next several years.

The upshot of this for you is that you can easily find the right remote full stack developer for your project. Whether you need MEAN stack development or prefer another stack, Ukrainian developers can handle the requirement. There are many Ukrainian companies such as Mobilunity, that have a staff of full stack developers with deep expertise

2. Lower Full Stack Development Costs

Outsourcing to Ukraine can lower your full stack development costs. A senior Ukraine developer can cost $3000 a month, according to Payscale, whereas in the US, the cost might be around $12,000 a month. Even junior full stack developer salary will be higher in the US than in Ukraine. European developers cost much more when compared to Ukrainian developers.

On a large scale development project that needs dozens of developers, the differences become immense. Hiring a Ukrainian full stack team will yield the lowest cost to get the entire project done. You can use the extra budget flexibility to invest in QA and promotion efforts. As a result, hiring in Ukraine gives you the ability to get more done with your development budget.

3. Ukrainian Skill-Level, Education and Literacy Among the Highest in the World

At the same time, do not mistake the lower development costs in Ukraine for lower quality work. On the contrary, developing in Ukraine often results in higher quality software than you can get elsewhere. Ukraine is a world leader in education. According to WorldAtlas, it has the 13th highest literacy rate in the world at 99.7%.

Ukrainian developers are well-educated professionals with high levels of human capital. They work with the same high professional standards that you will find in Silicon Valley and other tech centers. The advantage here is that these highly skilled developers are much more accessible.

Ukrainian developers are reputed around the world for being some of the sharpest. They invest time in learning cutting edge technologies. Their knowledge is often miles ahead of their competition elsewhere in the world.

The reason why Ukrainian developers are so well-skilled is due in part to the technical culture in the country. Ukraine has a very highly developed educational system. According to TopUniversities, there are over 800 institutes of higher education in Ukraine. This culture of excellence in technology spreads from the universities into the industry and urban hubs such as Kyiv. The result is that the Ukrainian workforce combines some of the best academic credentials with technical skills. The developers you can access here will help give your projects a much higher level of quality. As a result, many large companies have already set up R&D centers around Ukraine. The level of talent here is without a doubt, one of the best in the world.

4. The Government Supports the It Industry and Protects Your Intellectual Property

The availability of talent is all well and good, but the business environment can have a big impact on project success. You will be glad to know that the Ukrainian government supports the IT industry. The country has invested heavily in internet infrastructure and telecommunications. Government policy is fully in support of knowledge exports.

To facilitate this, the country has good business laws and protects your intellectual property. Unlike some countries in Asia where it’s hard to protect intellectual property, in Ukraine, you have solid legal frameworks that safeguard all your work. In addition, you will find that Ukrainian companies work to high standards of fidelity that you can trust.

5. Good Level of English and Friendly Staff

Yet another reason to build a remote team in Ukraine is the level of language ability. The country is truly multi-lingual. The level of English is very good in Ukrainian IT companies. You will find professional developers that can speak English well. The companies invest in training programs, not to mention what the developers learn in university. Not only can these geniuses speak English well, but they know a range of other languages including German and French.

Chances are, wherever you are located in the world, there’ll be someone on the team who fluently speaks your language of business. Facilitating your full stack development project, therefore, becomes that much easier.

How to Build an Experienced and Dedicated Full Stack Team With Mobilunity

Mobilunity, the reputable Ukrainian IT company, can help you with your development. Mobilunity is among Ukraine’s best-rated software development companies. It has developers available in a range of full-stack specialties, including:

  • MEAN stack – MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js
  • Python – Django, Flask
  • PHP – Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP
  • Java – Spring
  • Ruby – Rails, Sinatra

And other technology specializations for full stack development.

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Get a Free Consultation to Discuss How to Hire Full Stack Developer and All Your Technical Needs

To build your full stack team, you can request a free consultation to discuss your technical needs. The Mobilunity team will help you find the best technology stack for your needs. If you need a highly scalable server, for example, going with the MEAN stack would make a lot of sense. If you care about convention over configuration, something like Rails and JavaScript makes more sense.

The team will also help you determine the scope of development. This will determine the number of developers needed, as well as other talents. The Mobilunity team will bring together a number of specialties:

  • designers
  • developers
  • testing experts
  • project manager

With the remote team in place, you are able to develop your software and get all the advantages of the dedicated full stack development teams model.

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