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Moldova is a beautiful place, full of wonderful cities, historic sights, mild climate and amazing opportunities for business. IT sphere here is growing rapidly thanks to million-dollar investments from the West. For instance, in 2013 the IT market in Moldova has grown up to a total value of $153 million. This reason attracts many people to relocate here as well as triggers educational opportunities for software developers. Besides, the government creates all needed conditions for this so today we will find out if it is worth to consider Moldova IT outsourcing as a breaking ground. Let us catch on top three advantages to prove or bust this point.

nearshoring Moldau

#1 Geographical Location

IT Nearshoring Moldova owns a unique and beautiful place almost in the heart of Europe and is easily accessible from any country. You will need only 2-4 hours to reach all the main hubs in the EU such as London, Paris, Rome and so on. What is also important is that almost all young and middle-age people speak at least three languages: English, Russian or German. Just treat their linguistic proficiency as a nice bonus to open new routes where to aim your business.

#2 Cost-Saving Decision in IT Nearshoring Moldova

Countries on the east of Europe such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Moldova and Ukraine are extremely favorable in terms of costs you need to have to open a business and maintain it. For example, the average salary of web-developers in Ukraine is about 20,000-25,000 dollars. For those who have decided to use IT nearshoring Poland it will be approximately $50,000. The number is lower than in the States or Western Europe for sure.

Developers in Moldova earn between $ 15,000-30,000, but there is another interesting fact – Moldova IT park offers a lot to think over because members (companies) have only 7% tax instead of the usual high fees of 30% in western Europe. It creates a perfect platform where it’s possible to apply innovative solutions and develop the IT industry as a whole. Now this team unites more than 400 companies within the country. That’s why software outsourcing to Moldova becomes a common thing recently.

#3 Quality and Professionalism in Nearshoring Moldau

This country will definitely impress you in terms of technical skills and competence of local software developers. European mindset and legislations are compatible with the western ones, which is an amazing chance to develop your product even hiring a freelancer. If your country is known for high payroll costs and you are looking for some cost-benefit decisions, Moldova is the best fit. It is a lot easier to optimize your business strategy, find professionals for competitive price and implement innovations into the process.

Considering everything mentioned above, the conclusion is that nearshoring Moldau is the least expensive nearshore outsourcing destination you can find for now. Only Ukraine makes the competition more interesting both in friendly taxes and high professionalism of engineers. Fortunately, there is a place where you can figure out everything about European IT outsourcing decisions and even more. helps to find a dedicated development team and create long-lasting relationships between you and executives.

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