Hire Nearshore Team in Ukraine: 6 Pros of Hiring a Remote Developer

Many businesses in Western Europe now know that going abroad and rent a coder is one of the best ways to get software development done. Ukraine has arisen as a premier nearshoring destination for those companies who would like to rent a developer in neighboring countries. Below, we show you the advantages of nearshore development teams in Ukraine. As we will see, IT nearshoring in Ukraine could boost your entire software development model and help your team be more effective than ever before.

Things You Should Know About Software Development Outsourcing

Over the last decade, outsourcing has become a very popular business practice among companies. The reason for such popularity is in the specific needs and possibilities, which appear every year. To find developers in the national market sometimes cannot be easy because some particular positions are absent. And the startup ecosystems have provided founders and entrepreneurs with the possibility to reach top talents on the international level.

On an outsourcing basis, a company hires another company or a specialist to provide special services, perform tasks, and handle operations instead of the company’s own employees. The outside company or individual is known as a third-party or service provider. People on outsourcing can perform tasks at the external locations or on-site at the company’s own facilities. Software outsourcing allows to hire developers from any point on the planet.

Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Complete tasks faster. Outsourcing IT for small companies is a way to get everything done quicker by passing tasks, which require a lot of time to the external companies with dedicated developers or freelancers.
  • Focus on the most important processes. Passing tasks to the external performer, you get the enhanced freedom. You free time to concentrate on improving and strengthening the core processes in the company.
  • Simplify work relationships. A small company is often similar to a group of the best friends. And it might be difficult to manage a team of friends. When you hire dedicated developers on outsourcing, you minimize work relations to the laconic arrangements and reports.
advantages and disadvantages of IT outsourcing

Disadvantages of IT Software Outsourcing:

  • You lose some control. Arranging some tasks to the external nearshore developers you lose control and ability to monitor how those tasks are performed. The issue disappears, when you fully trust the nearshore development team you are hiring.
  • You can meet the hidden costs. Generally, outsourcing is cheaper than hiring in-house developers. However, some agencies can charge extra costs for some kinds of work or extra hours, or extra iteration of testing, etc.
  • The data can be endangered. It is especially important when you use and pass your customers’ personal data. Pay more attention to the privacy of customers and business security, hiring remote developers on outsourcing.

Different Methods and Types of Outsourcing

Startup and business owners hire software developers on outsourcing using different types and methods. The choice of cooperation method depends on your goals, business processes, and needs.

You can choose from such types of outsourcing, depending on your business goal:

  1. Professional outsourcing. A business owner purchases externally specialized professional services. For example, using an accounting firm service to handle the finances of a company instead of hiring in-house accountant.
  2. IT outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing of IT development is popular among small startups and big companies. To hire remote development team is quite cheaper and faster than searching for in-house specialists. If you need to develop an app, technology, or software – in these cases it is easier to hire a remote expert.
  3. Manufacturing outsourcing. If you have no means to start your own production of the physical goods – use manufacturing outsourcing. This type is also good if you need to find an option for cheaper outsourcing.
  4. Project outsourcing. If your company needs help in a particular project, but not for a full-time – outsource a full project. It is a useful option when you need to write an e-book, manage a PR campaign, or update a website.

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Outsourcing Methods for Software Development

So, if you’ve decided that you want to hire remote development team on outsourcing, it is time to consider how you are going to do it. Choose different outsourcing methods and check, how they can suit your objectives:

  • Outsourcing – passing of a section of the business process to the nearshore developer or team.
  • Out-tasking – adding an extra specialist to the team for delivering specific services.
  • Multi-sourcing – engaging of various specialists or a range of partners to different elements of the business.

Outsourcing is popular in different spheres of business. Thanks to modern technologies, more sectors are using it instead of hiring new employees for their regular teams. Nearshore offshore outsourcing is popular in customer support, tax preparation, web design, data entry, manufacturing, accounting, computer programming, legal, creative and healthcare services.

Types of Software Development Outsourcing

In general, companies are using 3 types of outsourcing. The cooperation is based on the location of the external performer or service provider. You can search the programmers on outsourcing in the close or far country: the main reason here is not the location, but the professional skills and work experience of the candidate. For example, you can consider outsourcing and offshoring as close notions – offshoring is outsourcing to a distant country.

types of software development outsourcing

Types of outsourcing:

  • Offshoring. The company cooperates with professionals from far countries – even from overseas countries. For example, when a company from the US hires an offshore software development team Ukraine, Poland, India, Vietnam can be counted as the offshore destinations here. But if a development team in Ukraine were hired by a company from Europe Ukraine will be a nearshore destination here.
  • Nearshoring. The company cooperates with the remote software development team from the neighboring country. It is useful, because of the language and cultural similarities. And it is easy to travel for a face-to-face meeting. For example, businesses from the UK, Germany, or Poland hire programmers from Ukraine.
  • Onshoring. A type of outsourcing services to the companies or performers from your country. In such cooperation, it is easy and comfortable to hire a development team from your country. However, it might be difficult to find a proper specialist in your region.

Since there are many countries in Europe with a high level of software development, IT nearshoring in Europe has become very popular. And in terms of IT nearshoring Eastern Europe takes an advantageous place due to lower costs for software development. But we will discuss the rates a bit later.

Difference Between Outsourcing and Offshoring

Countries like Ukraine in Eastern Europe have enabled Western businesses to easily conduct nearshoring. This has led to the development of a strong tech sector. In Ukraine, for example, according to TechRepublic, IT technology now accounts for 3%-5% of GDP. This is because the sector provides essential development and support services to businesses from IT nearshore Europe.

How does nearshoring differ from traditional outsourcing? When considering remote teams definition, both models still involve a team developing remotely. The key difference is that nearshoring goes beyond mere outsourcing to prescribing a formula for how outsourcing is to be done.

Whereas outsourcing merely prescribes the need to hire dedicated developers overseas, nearshoring prescribes how. The reason is that not all forms of remote development are the same.

Nearshore Team Considerations

In particular, different versions of remote development will yield different results. You should be paying attention to the quality of the software you get in order to evaluate the process by which you develop your software. Factors that will be important to consider include:

  • Time – Developing software more quickly saves you money overall. In addition, deploying software faster can give you an advantage in the market. So, building a development team that will be fast and effective can bring great advantages to your company on the market.
  • Language Barriers – Going abroad, you often encounter barriers from language differences. While English is commonly spoken around the world, its uptake is not spread evenly. You’ll want to hire developer with knowledge of your business language versus a rent a coder outsourcer who cannot communicate effectively. Communication skills are an important point while companies hire remote developer.
  • Expertise – Certain regions of the world, such as Eastern Europe, have a higher concentration of expert developers and nearshore outsourcing companies. This is not the case, for example, in parts of Africa and Latin America, where talent is harder to find. If you would like to hire development team Ukraine will not disappoint. Ukraine outsourcing companies have access to a big domestic talent pool of Ukrainian software developers who can easily make competition to German or American coders.
Nearshore Team

How to Hire Nearshore Software Programmer for Developing Remotely: Nearshore Software Outsourcing

In order to get the right mix of conditions for your software development, you need to know how to build a nearshore team and where. The IT outsourcing Eastern Europe model often proves to be a superior model. When it’s time to hire dedicated development team Europe often pays attention to the East. Nearshoring does not change remote location meaning entirely. In nearshoring, you develop remotely, but with the following important factor adjustments to the process of remote outsourcing:

  • Location – In nearshoring, you tap talent from an area in close proximity to you. This can reduce the latency in communications that plague remote development projects.
  • Language – To move faster, you optimize for a common language with your nearshore development team. Not only project managers, but, preferably, developers as well, will speak your business language.
  • Technical Culture – You want to have a shared technical standard with your nearshoring team. Their effectiveness has to match or potentially surpass what you are able to accomplish internally.

As you can see, there are many advantages of building an IT development team in nearshoring countries. The software teams nearshoring model raises the bar on what remote software development needs to look like.

Build a Remote Team in Eastern Europe vs Offshore Destinations

There are some important differences between nearshoring in Eastern Europe and offshoring in India or China. These differences are stronger for clients in Western Europe, but they also affect American business organizations.

First, Eastern Europe is much closer to Western Europe than offshore destinations are. This has a profound impact on productivity for your software projects if you are based in Western Europe. For German, the UK, or Swiss companies to have a nearshore development center in Eastern Europe will be more comfortable from all the points of view. The building of software development teams from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria is cost-saving, more controllable, and effective.

The close proximity of Eastern Europe to Western Europe creates ideal conditions for rapid communication, development team extension, or nearshore outsourcing center creation. Since the time zone difference is minimal, within an hour or two, the communication latency is reduced drastically. Communication between Western clients and offshore developers, on the other hand, often takes much longer.

Sending responses back and forth can take a long time. On a project that requires a speed of development and speed of communication, the disadvantages of outsourcing for example to India are most starkly felt. Going with a remote full stack team in Eastern Europe, however, does away with this big problem. In comparison to the offshore development team Ukraine with its nearshore position looks more profitable.

In addition, East European developers offer a great mix of experience and cost. For example, we’ve documented the cost advantages that Ukrainian developers have over the USA, German, and UK developers. The cost of hiring a programmer is lower in Ukraine, while the developers have solid experience.

Average monthly developers salaries in different countries

They are some of the best developers in the world, and they have experience working with some of the biggest businesses in the world on software. You can easily find an experienced remote Scala Developer or remote Rails Developer for specialized projects. Other specialties are available as well. Unlike in Asia, where a lot of the talent is coming straight out of university, in Eastern Europe, you can get plenty of experienced software developers.

These are mid-level to senior-level developers who have worked on multiple large projects. They are well-versed with algorithms, data structures, and other advanced coding topics. To back it all up, they have portfolios of world-class apps and websites that they have built. So, if you’re looking for an ideal combination of quality and costs a remote dedicated development team in Ukraine could be the perfect solution.

Find a Developer in Ukraine for Nearshoring

One of the leading countries for nearshoring in Eastern Europe is Ukraine. For companies looking to develop software using nearshoring, Ukrainian developers offer some of the biggest advantages. This is reflected in the burgeoning Ukrainian tech scene. According to KyivPost, Ukraine now has 18 companies in the Global Outsourcing Top 100. This figure has grown rapidly in the last several years as a reflection of the country’s performance in providing IT and software development services.

Nearshore Advantages

1. Ukraine’s Ease of Doing Business

Doing business in Ukraine is quite easy. There are few barriers to doing business and the government is tasked with improving the ease of doing business. Other locations in the world, especially in Asia, might not have the same standards when it comes to commerce.

In Ukraine, however, you can easily find a recommended Ukraine outsource software team that can facilitate your project in a short time. Signing contracts and getting paperwork done is not a giant hassle as in some other countries.

2. Ukrainian Software Developers Are Highly Skilled

Ukrainian developers are highly skilled and some of their startups have been bought by global businesses. These are world-class developers used to working at the very highest professional standards. According to Emerging Europe, some of the well-known startups founded by Ukrainian developers include Grammarly, Readdle, and Looksery.

Ukrainian developers are reputed for their high education and knowledge of mathematics, algorithms and cybersecurity. For any large business in the West, this mix of technically advanced knowledge will be a huge advantage.

Ukrainian companies actively invest in the skill development of their employees. Developers are prized professionals. The conditions are near-perfect for their professional development. They attend training, seminars and skill-development exercises.

3. R&D Centers for Big Businesses Contribute to a Hot Tech Ecosystem

Further contributing to the vibrancy of the tech culture in Ukraine are the many R&D centers in the country. Major technical organizations such as Samsung and Oracle have set up these R&D centers. Their work involves cutting edge applications and research.

To meet their work needs, these large organizations have made big investments in Ukraine’s tech scene. Standards are really high in these centers and have led to an improvement across the entire tech scene. Ukrainian developers are at the forefront of these initiatives. They share knowledge through events and technical benchmarks. In this way the entire community benefits. This offers major advantages over outsourcing to a city in India based merely on cost. In Ukraine, you are able to tap a level of technical excellence that competes with the very best around the world.

4. Ukraine’s Universities Graduate 30.000 IT Graduates Annually

You might be wondering how tough it will be to get developers from Ukraine. You will be glad to know, however, that Ukrainian universities churn out annually in excess of 30.000 IT pros. These new graduates have knowledge in important areas of IT Their skills include cutting edge programming techniques and languages, including:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Business Intelligence
  • C++
  • Internet of Things

Young developers graduate with the tools to take on the world of software development. Their trainers impart to them the same skills being used at major companies like Google and Facebook. They are ready to make a bold contribution to the world, and that creates a great opportunity for Western businesses. Rather than starve for talent in the West, they can reach out to this incredible talent pool and hire a Ukrainian development team. Ukraine truly has it all when it comes to technical talent. Whatever your area of focus, this highly educated East European country has the talent for it.

5. Ukraine Has a Cultural Connection to the Rest of Europe, Making Doing Business Together Easy

Unlike some offshore destinations, Ukraine is an integral part of Europe. Its very European identity creates an environment for Western businesses that is difficult to replicate anywhere else. The cultural connection between developers in Kyiv and their counterparts in London or Berlin is very strong. They have a shared cultural identity that is rooted in European civilization. The traditions on the continent are largely the same, for example, the celebrations of Easter and Christmas.

Communication and cohesion are thus easier to achieve. Development team Ukraine works very well with Western counterparts and vice versa. This is the big advantage of nearshoring. It gives you a team much like what you would get in your own city. The added advantage is that these will be developers that have seen it all before. They have worked on challenging, technically adept projects. Their skills will allow your business to leapfrog competitors who are only looking locally for talent.

6. Travel Between Western Europe and Ukraine Is Incredibly Easy for Business Purposes

Finally, you will be glad to know that travel between Ukraine and Western Europe is easy and cheap. You can send your senior developers over to Ukraine for important team meetings.

Likewise, you can have Ukrainian developers attend important meetings at your own headquarters. This is all easy to achieve given the proximity of Ukraine to Western Europe. In addition, it makes getting business visas for your software development team Ukraine to travel much easier. You will be able to meet and work on your projects with your Ukrainian developers whenever the need arises.

Rent a coder

Moving Business Forward with Ukrainian Nearshoring Solutions

Having a culture that is very close to the West creates great conditions for Ukraine’s developers they bring many advantages to Western businesses such as lower cost while improving the quality of software. We at Mobilunity know well our clients needs and do our best to build ideal dedicated development teams and R&D centers in Ukraine. Mobilunity has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian IT market for 10+ years and has a lot of clients from all around the world. Our philosophy is in the rule of 3Rs: recruiting, relationships, and retention.  Mobilunity’s recruitment team has an access to a large talent pool of Ukrainian developers and can find the best match for you.

As Ukraine has become a hotbed of IT development, its development of outstanding technical standards continues to impress. If you are a Western business with not a huge budget and you have a need for software development, you will do well to start with nearshoring Ukraine with Mobilunity instead of IT nearshoring Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, France, or the UK.

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